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If you look at the People Section of any site, you come to realize it is made up of just a few discrete elements, and every page has these. For example, on our people section you have really just four elements: The person's name, the person's title, the person's picture, and the text about that person.

So for each person, these are the elements you need. These elements can be juggled around, in such a way that you can have a completely different looking page, but still having the same basic elements. This means you can redesign the look of your site later on, and still be able to administer it using this same system. For an example of how you can redesign your site, yet keep the same basic elements, click here for our current site, then click here for our old design, and then here and here for some of the new designs we considered for our site (this will pop open a new window; when you're finished looking, just close the new popped up window to return here).

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