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Editing pre-existing stuff is all fine and good, but a truly powerful system needs to be able to add completely new stuff. With our system, you are able to upload image files from your computer, anywhere in the world, and they will be permanently part of your website on the server. Attach your digital camera to your computer, and you can upload those pictures to your website, instantly, and at any time. Use a scanner to scan in pictures to your computer and upload them. Any JPEG or GIF image you have on your computer can be uploaded and become part of your website. (Naturally new text can also be easily added.)

How does this work? Click below to go to the Admin Page, and click on the "Add Photo" button. You will be prompted then to enter the name of the file you wish to upload, and given the opportunity to browse your computer to find it. (You can use any old image you happen to have on your computer for this demo -- remember, only a copy is uploaded to our system, so nothing will change on your computer.)

Then you will be prompted to enter the name and title information to go with the photo; the system will also ask you to enter the height and width of the photo: Don't Panic! We've made it real easy to get the width and height information: the photo will be displayed after you upload it, and you just need to click on the photo to display the height and width. Right click if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and choose "Properties", or just left click for other browsers. Don't worry, there will be step by step instructions as you go through it. **Important:** If you are using a PC, make sure the "Files of Type" option on the bottom of the window that pops up when you browse for an image is set to either "Images" or "All Files".

(For the purposes of this tutorial, for right now only the add photo button and previous buttons we discussed will work when you click on the link below.)
Enter the editor here
(This will pop open a new window to work in; when done simply close the window and return here.)

Please remember that this is a demo system: while you really are uploading pictures to our server, only you will be able to see them, and only on the same machine you originally used. All images will be scrubbed from our servers within 48 hours -- permanently deleted. The originals will of course still be on your computer.

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